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Series « Belizna » N1, Olga de Weck, 2021

Figurative Painting

Sauver une toile blanche, 25×15 cm, acrylic on canvas, Olga de Weck, 2021

Minimalist Painting

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Special guests "From Russia with love"

Natasha ? Irina ? Svetlana ?
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Series "Krasnoe"


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About me

My job is my passion but my passion is not only my job. I paint everywhere I can, I need painting as breathing and we need breathing for living, so I do need painting for living not for gaining my life but for living my life as without it I can't really exist at 100 % - it would not be me without all the painting stuff and crazy ideas of painting at 3 a.m. in the morning when every normal human being is sleeping... not me ! I'm transferring my emotions to the paintings using magic brushes which help me to catch emotions like "emotion catchers" and then I apply a varnish to capture my emotions ! No way for them to escape from my paintings ! Emotionally charged for you !


Abstract painting

"Each painting is like an "emotion catcher" for me. The artist takes brushes and transfers a piece of his/her emotions to the canvas, the varnish captures it inside a paining and that's it. This emotion will never go out of this painting ! " - my text for you ;)

Minimalist Painting

Just imagine some specific features and reflect it in a minimalistic portrait with a small side not minimalistic illustration...


I don't know how it comes to me, I just imagine something and I paint it using my "tablette" - digital art - to make it look professional for any kind of prints: on canvas, on art fine paper, on website etc.

Best of

Every painting is a peice of emotoin, it's like an "emotion catcher", the painter cacthes one emotion, transfers it using its brushes and captures it using a varnish. No more way to let it escape the painting, the emotion is in the painting for you.

Create Your Own Style

Contact me should you have any ideas about how I can help you to make your imagination fly ! What is possible. Just give me a topic and I'll paint you the mirror of your feelings. If your don't like it, don't care, the mainting will be adopted by another art lover. 

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"Krasnoe" N4 by Olga de Weck

"Zoloto" N1 by Olga de Weck

"Balerina" N1 by Olga de Weck

"Lawyer" N1 by Olga de Weck

Latest News

Great news coming soon ! The exhibition to come in the Vieux Palais ! Watch this page for more details coming soon !